Thursday, May 31, 2007

Run, Lisa, Run

What a better way to celebrate Armed Forces Day than to run a relay marathon?! 6 of us girls ran the Beach to Bay marathon on May 19th. We each ran 4 to 5 miles each to complete the marathon. I got the lucky first leg which was four miles of running in the sand! After getting up at 5am after staying up late watching the Spurs beat the Suns mind you.... (Go SPURS Go!) It was a rough run, followed by a 2 hour bus ride going 1.2 mph back to the meeting spot. Despite all that it was a fun trip!

Top Pic-- Sara, Sunshine and I are practicing our hand-off. Yep we ran with a baton! Oh and ignore that half naked guy in the background...
Bottom Pic- We are the lucky early crew, 5am!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Where have you been?

I fell off the blogger planet for a while... thanks to doozer and mander for reminding me to come back!

Check out some pictures of my last few months:
A group of my SA friends went down to Corpus one weekend. We stayed in my roommates condo and played all day outside. So fun!

Third time to San Fran and I finally made it to Alcatraz. Very interesting place.
How would you like to live here?

I went to SF for a "work conference". This is at one of the many gatherings we attended.

Next trip: Utah. My niece is so dang cute!

The excitement of the trip was my new little nephew Peter was blessed. So adorable!

More to come...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

-I survived Artic Blast '07-

SO this week little San Antonio made the national news quite a few times with our winter wonderland...

Schools were cancelled for 2.5 days and most businesses closed as well. Lucky me made it to work each day though.

We had our big annual wellness fair on Thursday so I had to get to work during the storm to prepare. Luckily it was great success. Oh and note the HUGE picture of me and my two coworkers hanging. Oh darn the balloons are covering my face... maybe I will try to add a better pic so you can laugh at it like we all did. It's so fun to look at a 5x12 foot picture of yourself for the entire Valero population to see!

Oh this is my boss in the red and my co-worker Nathan.