Thursday, May 31, 2007

Run, Lisa, Run

What a better way to celebrate Armed Forces Day than to run a relay marathon?! 6 of us girls ran the Beach to Bay marathon on May 19th. We each ran 4 to 5 miles each to complete the marathon. I got the lucky first leg which was four miles of running in the sand! After getting up at 5am after staying up late watching the Spurs beat the Suns mind you.... (Go SPURS Go!) It was a rough run, followed by a 2 hour bus ride going 1.2 mph back to the meeting spot. Despite all that it was a fun trip!

Top Pic-- Sara, Sunshine and I are practicing our hand-off. Yep we ran with a baton! Oh and ignore that half naked guy in the background...
Bottom Pic- We are the lucky early crew, 5am!