Sunday, October 29, 2006

Always a bridesmaid....

Since it will probably be a while till I have my own bouquet and veil, I decided to try on Mandy's. What a great reception Matt and Mandy!

{Recent Purchase: I finally got a new phone! }
{Favorite Movie: Step Up... it's a little cheesy but some good dancing}
{4 days till San Francisco!!}

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

So you had a bad day...

Last week began with many stupid work challenges, the main one being a $2000 piece of junk that yours truly ordered for the company. Man I did a good job on that one. Luckily my facilities department patched it up nicely so I didnt look like a complete idiot.

Then today, I had to smooth things over with a lady that was very unsatisfied with one of my co-workers. That was fun. Again luckily I worded things just right to make her realize SHE was the one having a bad day and decided to take it out on us. Once again problem solved.

So my bad days ended just fine, and to make things better my staff bought me flowers and chocolate for bosses day! I feel so grown up... it's weird.

Hope your bad days have happy endings too!

{Favorite Song: Chasing Cars}
{Favorite memory currently: Mandy's reception/hang out time with Stef}
{Mood: excited, I'm going to San Francisco in two weeks!}

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Days gone by...

The summer is officially over, and I guess it is time to report. The days have gone by so quickly, and I think I still havent been in San Antonio more than 3 weeks in a row...

I did a little traveling this summer and will try to report on some of these. Here comes the list:
  • Vegas (work conference)
  • Utah(Anne's wedding)
  • Dallas
  • Chicago(visit Stef)
  • Dallas
  • Padre Island (Girls weekend at the beach!)
  • Utah(Dallin's Homecoming)
  • Dallas
  • Utah(Mandy and Matt's wedding)
  • Boise ( " " )
  • Amarillo (Randy's wedding)
  • Dallas

So yes, I have had a lot of wedding's and trips to Dallas this summer! (I had a hard time weaning my self away from Dallas... )

Here are a few pictures to get started and will continue to blog soon. (I promise Mandy!)

This is me in my office at work, Anne sent me flowers for my birthday!

Mandy and I on one of the MANY public transporation options in Chicago

Stef and I washing windows in the John Hancock Building

Kati (my current roommate) and I on my birthday