Sunday, June 13, 2010

We miss you Steven

As many of you know, my older brother Steven has been missing since Christmas time. Today marks six months since anyone has heard from him. It has been a challenging and humbling experience to go through something like this. Our family has truly been blessed by thousands of people (many whom we don't even know) praying for and helping our family during this time. We will never be able to properly thank everyone who has taken the time to think of us this year. Unfortunately no new leads have come forth, but we still have hope and know that our Heavenly Father is mindful of Steven and when the time is right we will know and find peace in the situation.
{Steven would kill me for posting this picture. He was very much a University of Utah fan and only when this was the only sweatshirt around would he ever wear BYU gear. =) }

(My dad, nephew Peter, and Steven at my wedding)

Those of you know Steven, know he is a kind hearted and caring person. He enjoys sports and being outdoors. He started playing the guitar a few years ago and even had a pretty decent voice to go with it. I admire his willingness to help others and his faithfulness to the Gospel.

{Me and the boys...}

We've had to find a new "normal" in our family. And even though at times it feels as if we've moved on, we sure haven't. My parents still tirelessly search for clues and travel many miles to keep the investigation active. We pray daily for him and our hearts are tender when we think about a brother/son/uncle/cousin/friend whom we miss.

{All five siblings at Moon Lake a few years ago}

We love you Steven and we miss you.


Michelle said...

We continue to pray for you and your family and also hope there is peace in the future really soon.

What a nice post about your brother.

Anne said...

Lisa we're still praying every day as well. We know that Heavenly Father will reveal it all according to his time. Wish we had more time to chat and visit!

J-Lo said...

What a frustrating situation! I'm sorry your family is enduring this, but am grateful for your example of faithfulness.

Lisa said...

I always think about you and your family Lisa. I know that must be so difficult. Many prayers have been said and will continue to be said on behalf of your family.
Lisa Bailey Mann
I miss you!