Monday, October 06, 2008

Engaged and loving it

Wow, I didnt realize anyone read my blog since it's so sporadic! Glad to know you bloggers out there still check to see if I have anything profound to post.

I think an engagement is a pretty good excuse to blog! {Thanks Mandy and Michelle for encouraging me!}

I did get my real engagement ring last weekend! I love it. I didnt make Andrew re-propose but maybe I should have, it was so fun the first time!

I am going to try to be better at posting and keep you updated on my wedding plans...which are slow right now. I have ideas but nothing official yet.

The long distance is hard...I am ready to move. Anyone have a job for me in Shreveport??

If you have any wedding tips send them my way...I can probably use all the help I can get.


mandy said...

I love your ring and can't wait to see it in person! I have lots and lots of wedding tips/ideas ... we'll have to chat about them soon!

shalea said...

Lisa, you look great! Being married is so wonderful. You will love it.

Doozer said...

Your ring is beautiful Lisa!! I am so excited for you! And I do love to plan weddings so let me know if you need any long distance help! ;)

Michelle said...

I love your ring! It is so pretty.

Not that I am the expert about wedding plans, but make sure you have a good photographer. Even if it costs a little more than you want to pay, it's totally worth it!

Grandpas Cook said...

Congrats you two. You both look so happy.